What is Wod & Weightlifting?

Our WOD and Weightlifting Program is designed by our Weightlifting coach Matty Nguyen to improve on the strength and technical foundations of Weightlifting while improving overall strength for CrossFit. The program entails five days of strength and technique work to compliment CrossFit training. This program revolves around helping you improve your snatch, clean and jerk, squat, deadlift and pushing strength. It also works on basic gymnastics skills, for example, getting your first 10 pull ups or muscle up. This program is carefully designed from a Weightlifting coaches perspective  to target these movements that CrossFit athletes need to work on to become their best. 

Who can join this program?

Become a platinum member to get started on this program!

Before you start the WOD & Weightlifting program, you will need to complete our Weightlifting Fundamentals so that we know that you are up to date with movement standards and certain coaching cues.

For those that are training at another CrossFit box and want to join this program, you can either sign up onto our platinum membership OR sign up to The Heights Barbell Club membership and do your CrossFit conditioning outside of class hours or at your CrossFit box. However, if you sign up to Platinum, we highly recommend you to participate in our CrossFit Canley Heights classes. Their program is designed to go hand in hand with our WOD & Weightlifting program.

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