Gym Membership

Gym Membership

  • Train your way, in our state of the art weight training facility.

  • Unlimited access to all FREE group fitness classes.

  • Professional reception staff and on-floor coaches to help at all times.

  • 3 FREE personal training sessions when you sign up.



  • CrossFit involves functional movements varied at high intensities with an emphasis on progressions at your level.

  • Learn the importance of quality movement that CrossFit has to offer whilst having the best possible hour in your day.

  • You will be trained to acquire skills essential for real world situations.

  • Our aim is to educate and build happier and healthier individuals. 

  • Well supported coaching service to help supplement your quality of life outside the gym.


Primal Fitness

  • Primal Fitness aimed to enhance your quality of training

  • Involves functional training methods to help with strength, stability, power, mobility, endurance and flexibility

  • Fun, group-based program to promote fitness and progression onto more challenging programs

  • Variety of progressive workouts and methods to get you the results you want, and more!

Heights Barbell Club 

Heights Barbell Club 

  • The place for all things Olympic Olympic weightlifting, Powerlifting and strength and conditioning

  • Expert coaches available for movement assessments

  • Education on how to safely perform movements, with correct form

  • Learn to warm up and prepare properly for your training

  • Competition and IPF approved equipment 


Personal Training
with Tony Campa

Specialises in:

  • Fat loss

  • Body Composition

  • Circuit training

  • Strength and conditioning

William Nguyen

Personal Training
with William Nguyen

Specialises in: 

  • Muscle building

  • Fat loss

  • Sport-specific training (Basketball, Oz Tag)

  • Functional training

  • Improve physique through result driven methods

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