the heights barbell club

class schedule


For those who are curious to see what we have to offer come and give a trial class a go. We'll introduce you to our coaches and discuss what we do and why. We’ll take you through a basic warm up, prepare you for movement, run through a skill (e.g. snatch progression), go through a basic strength movement (e.g. back squat) and cool you down.

Mentioned below in the Fundamentals description, you will need to start at the beginning of a Fundamentals cycle otherwise you may be required to wait to join at the commencement of the next cycle.


Our fundamentals class for Powerlifting or Weightlifting is our prerequisite standard before we can offer more personalised coaching and program. Our fundamentals cycle runs for 4 weeks and ensures the coaches that you are well prepared for lifting and improving performance safely. The fundamentals classes teach you the general movements of the sport such as the snatch, clean and jerk, squat, bench and deadlift as well as allowing the coaches to identify dysfunctional movement and identify any problems that could hinder progress.

We cover everything from warming up to cooling down, snatches to handstands. If it is going to appear in our programs we will break it down in Fundamentals.

As mentioned, it takes four weeks to accomplish Fundamentals and you must display competency in all areas before you join the club sessions. For some it may be sooner and for others it may be later than the four weeks.

If you miss the start of the cycle you may be required to wait until the next cycle begins before starting as it is our priority to ensure those currently in the cycle continue to progress without impacting the quality of the coaching.

CLUB PROGRAM- Weightlifting, Powerlifting and Strength and Conditioning.

Club Program sessions are for those who have been deemed competent to lift and have passed our Fundamentals system. You will have your own program to run through when you’re at the gym and will be under the close guidance of our coaches. You will also be given an accessory program to work on your specific weaknesses and help you develop your skills and look better!

Starting out we will have a few club program sessions per week but as more people complete our Fundamentals program we will gradually increase the amount of scheduled sessions.