Heights barbell club


ONLY $15/SESSION (1 hour)

(Membership not required to join our athletic group sessions)

The Heights Barbell Club invites any individual who needs specific training for field or track sports such as basketball, rugby, oz tag and sprinting. These sessions are catered to improve your performance and help you achieve results. We will run you through our Strength, Power and Speed Program (SPS) and show you the importance of incorporating these principles and how they transfer to your sport.

When: Every Wednesday and Friday 5:00p.m. - 6:00p.m.

Developing power and coordination are vital skills that need to be trained. We don't just train for looks and strength but we also aim to develop power for any athlete that needs to perform on the field or track Our SPS program is tailored to athletes who require not only the strength but the athleticism to be able to perform in the gym but also in their sport. With our experience and technology we are able to determine power output, velocity, maximal force and other factors that you need to improve in order to become a powerful athlete.